The year of peat-free gardening starts with us increasing capacity to meet demand

This year is the first of the target dates for the elimination of peat use from horticulture and demand for Melcourt products which has been increasing year-on-year for the past 5 years or so has never been higher. We’re expecting it to go on that way as the nation’s gardeners turn to peat-free material. With that in mind…..

• we’re investing yet again in increased production capacity with the installation of an additional bagging line. The picture above shows the work in progress.

• we’ve expanded the SylvaGrow range to include a formulation for use in tubs & baskets. SylvaGrow Tub & Basket is available in 50L packs or 15L carry bags. It’s the same successful SylvaGrow formulation but with an added water retaining aid.

• to help gardeners reduce their use of single-use plastic, we’re making some of our products available in maxi-bales

The future of British gardening is peat-free, and here at Melcourt we’re doing our best to lead the way!