The investment in our peat-free production goes on

We’re constructing a new mixing line to dramatically improve our capacity and ensure that – even at the busiest times – we can maintain our short turnaround times from order to delivery. If truth be told it doesn’t seem five minutes since we installed our previous mixing line although it was almost 10 years ago. Where did that time go?

The new line, like the one it replaces, will automatically monitor the mixture of ingredients to ensure consistency of the finished products from batch to batch. We don’t leave anything to chance of course since every batch is sampled and monitored under a rigorous quality control system.

The investment in the new line comes in at around £350k and is made hard on the heels of the new storage areas reported on 16th January – all justified by the rapidly increasing demand for our peat-free products of all kinds. We keep saying it because it’s true: the future of British growing, gardening and landscaping is peat-free, and Melcourt is leading the way!