Taking tea at Nailsworth

We’ve been giving Nailsworth Rotary some free bags of SylvaGrow in which to plant their floral displays for a few years now so it was an absolute delight to meet up with some of them in the town the other day and see the results of their efforts first hand.

As you can see, the displays transform the town and give enormous pleasure to residents and visitors alike. Nailsworth has a proud manufacturing past as a mill town but is re-inventing itself with lots of independent shops and a huge emphasis on local food: it’s determined to be a home town rather than a clone town. The floral displays from Nailsworth Rotary and from Nailsworth in Bloom really add to that sense of place.

The flower displays aside, the striking feature of our visit was the energy and enthusiasm of (from right in the top picture) Thorald Cox, Sheila King and Jonathan Bowen-Davies. Their dedication to community service and their commitment to the peat-free ideal (see their facebook page here) was truly inspiring. Our Technical Director Catherine Dawson (far left in the picture) sees the association with Nailsworth lasting for many years to come.