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Topsoil™ Extra Fine

Topsoil™ Extra Fine is a carefully manufactured, high quality soil of loamy sand texture.
It is suitable for a wide range of professional and domestic applications where a fine tilth is required such as lawn establishment and growth, sports pitch construction and repair and the maintenance of soil-based sports pitches.

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Product Description

• Fine, virtually stone free, consistent and friable
• Easy to handle
• Mid – dark brown in colour
• Free from pests and diseases

• Successfully tried and tested by professional and amateur users for many years, giving excellent results
• Peat and chemical free
• Clean and from a known source
• Extremely cost effective
• Easily spread using simple tools

Available in bulk bags and in loose bulk.

How To Use

• Spread Topsoil Extra Fine to the required depth.
• Spread over existing soil to improve overall soil depth and quality
• Help level the soil surface, prior to laying turf or sowing grass seed
• Can also be used in raised beds and tubs although for best results with this application use Melcourt Topsoil™ Blended Loam
• If spreading over existing soil, ensure gradual change from one soil to the other.


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