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Sylvamix® Special

Sylvamix Special is the prescription mix service fulfilling the specific requirements of individual growers, incorporating modifications to the standard formulae of Sylvamix.


Product Description

• Contains Melcourt Growbark, Melcourt Sylvafibre, two widely used and well-proven products in peat-free and peat-reduced growing
• Can include other bulk ingredients such as coir, green compost, clay granules
• Contains wetting agent
• Can include controlled release fertilizers
• Can include pesticides
• Enables cost-effective peat-free production
• Prescription service enables product tailored to individual needs
• Manufactured from completely renewable, sustainable ingredients
• Detailed technical back-up available
• Compatible with most irrigation systems
• Free-flowing texture allows easy filling of pots
• Audited by the Responsible Sourcing Scheme

Available in 50 litre bags, maxi-bales, bulk bags and loose bulk

How To Use

Crop Management
Crop management will depend on the particular formulae. Detailed technical advice is available from Melcourt

Typical crop applications
Sylvamix Special growing media can be made for a wide range of applications such as ericaceous growing and organic media.

Other Advice
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* All values given in the Specifications table are typical. However, some variation may occur from time to time. Melcourt Industries Ltd reserves the right to alter the specification without notice, for the purpose of product improvement.

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