SylvaGrow® Rose, Tree and Shrub Planting Compost

SylvaGrow® Rose, Tree and Shrub is a rich, friable, carefully formulated planting compost for effective establishment in garden soils. 100% peat-free and containing balanced slow-release nutrients, it is based on a Melcourt compost widely used throughout the UK by professional landscapers and is suitable for a wide range of planting applications around the garden.


Product Description

  • Made from natural, British sustainable materials, bark and green compost
  • Free flowing, easy to handle
  • Easy to mix and incorporate, using simple tools
  • Improves the soil quality, when planting bare root, root balled and container-grown roses, trees and shrubs
  • Proven to be successful and effective in use
  • Provides long term slow release of nutrients
  • Adds valuable organic matter thus aiding nutrient retention and water-holding capacity
  • Audited by the Responsible Sourcing Scheme
  • Suitable for use by vegans
  • RHS endorsed (when sold in 40 litre bags)


Available in 40 litre bags and 0.6 m3 bulk bags


NB: SylvaGrow Rose, Tree and Shrub is a planting out compost. For all potting and containers we recommend SylvaGrow Multi-Purpose, SylvaGrow with added John Innes, SylvaGrow Tub and Basket, SylvaGrow Organic, SylvaGrow John Innes No. 3 or for lime-hating plants, SylvaGrow Ericaceous.

How To Use

Planting Out

SylvaGrow Rose, Tree and Shrub can be used as a planting medium for a very wide range of plants including roses, shrubs, trees, herbaceous perennials, bedding plants, fruit trees and bushes and herbs in order to add valuable organic matter and nutrients. Simply blend at 1 part SylvaGrow to 3 or 4 parts of the back-fill soil.

Always ensure that the plant is watered to capacity before planting out and if necessary, immerse the roots in a bucket of water for half an hour prior to planting. Ensure that the planting pit is well-integrated with the wider soil with no smeared sides or other impediments to root exploration beyond the planting hole.

Ensure that the soil level after planting is at the same level on the stem as previously.

If using a stake, place it in position after planting.

After placing the back-fill mixture around the container or roots, gently firm into place but avoid over-compacting the soil and water well.

Newly establishing plants, particularly those from containers in the warmer months of the year, will require regular watering in order to ensure successful establishment and growth.

An annual dressing of garden compost or fertilizer will keep your roses, trees and shrubs in great condition.


Raised Beds

  • SylvaGrow Rose, Tree and Shrub can be used as part of a raised bed medium for example for vegetable and strawberry growing. Simply mix 1 part SylvaGrow Rose, Tree and Shrub thoroughly with 2 to 3 parts loam or garden soil to gain a valuable addition of organic matter and nutrients.
  •  Remember to supplementary feed as vegetables are heavy feeders and will respond well.

Lime-hating, Ericaceous Plants

  • SylvaGrow Rose, Tree and Shrub is not suitable for planting out lime-hating, ericaceous plants. For these we recommend SylvaGrow Ericaceous.
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