SylvaGrow Organic 40L

SylvaGrow® Organic

SylvaGrow® Organic is a unique blend of fine bark (a by-product of sustainably managed forests), green compost (a carefully-sourced, certified ingredient) and coir (from known, ethically-approved sources).

Available in 40 and 15 litre packs


Product Description

• based on a formula used by professional organic growers throughout the UK
• contains balanced organic fertilizers giving excellent vigour
• performs best when routine liquid feeding is applied from around 3 – 4 weeks
• RHS endorsed
• Audited by the Responsible Sourcing Scheme
• Soil Association approved
• suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden
• contains no peat


If you wish to maintain the organic integrity of this product then you should only use fertilizers labelled as organic and preferably those approved by the Soil Association. However, non-organic fertilizers will also function very well. In both cases read the manufacturers’ advice carefully.

How To Use

Seed Sowing • Fill a seed tray evenly with SylvaGrow Organic, tapping gently to settle • Lightly water with a fine rose • Sow the seeds carefully, according to the packet instructions, cover with more SylvaGrow Organic to the depth directed • Cover the seed tray with glass or polythene and put in a warm place out of direct sunlight • Remove the cover when the seeds have germinated and ensure the SylvaGrow Organic is kept evenly moist at all times • Prick out as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle NB For very small seeds such as Begonia or Impatiens, sieve the SylvaGrow Organic before use to remove the larger particles, which can otherwise impede seedling development.

Pricking Out • When the seedlings are large enough to handle, gently tease them out of the growing medium using a dibber or pencil, taking care to handle only by the leaves. • Fill a suitable pot with fresh SylvaGrow Organic, use a dibber to make a hole and place the seedling in it, tapping the pot to settle the mix around the roots • Water gently but thoroughly • After around 3 weeks, regularly apply an organic liquid feed, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Potting on, containers, tubs, troughs, hanging baskets and house plants • First, ensure that the plant to be potted on has been well-watered. If it is dry, immerse the roots in a bucket of water for half an hour • Fill the pot, tub or other container with SylvaGrow Organic • Make a hole large enough to accommodate the item to be potted and insert it, taking care that the growing medium is at about the same height on the stem as previously • Gently firm the SylvaGrow Organic around the plant, water thoroughly • Ensure that the SylvaGrow Organic is kept moist but not over-wet, at all times. Hanging baskets have a particularly high water requirement and may need watering every day in dry conditions.

Grow Bag SylvaGrow Organic can be used in its original packaging as a very successful grow bag. Simply lay the bag flat on its side, cut drainage slits in the base along both sides of the bag and use for tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, lettuces, aubergines, peppers, chillies etc. Apply liquid feed according to the manufacturer’s instructions after 3 weeks.

Cuttings • Ensure the mother plant is well-watered before taking cuttings • Fill a deep seed tray or pot with SylvaGrow Organic and make a suitable hole with a dibber or pencil • Prepare the stem or root cuttings according to type, ensuring that they are not allowed to dry out between cutting and inserting. • Insert the cutting and gently firm the medium around it • Stem cuttings need to be in a moist environment out of direct sunlight until they have rooted so either place in a cold frame, a covered propagator or cover with polythene, using supports to prevent the polythene from touching the cuttings. Root cuttings can be placed in a cold frame or sheltered spot out of direct sunlight and can benefit from a thin layer of grit on the growing medium surface • Once the cuttings are well-rooted they can be potted on according to the instructions above.

Raised Beds SylvaGrow Organic can be used as part of a raised bed medium for vegetable and strawberry growing. Simply mix 1 part SylvaGrow Organic thoroughly with 3 to 4 parts loam or garden soil to gain a valuable addition of organic matter and nutrients. Remember to supplementary feed as instructed above in ‘Potting On’ as vegetables are heavy feeders and will respond well.

Planting Out SylvaGrow Organic can be used as a planting medium for roses, shrubs, trees, herbaceous perennials and bedding plants in order to add valuable organic matter and nutrients. Simply blend at 1 part to 4 parts of the backfill soil. Always ensure that the plant is watered to capacity before planting out and if necessary, immerse the roots in a bucket of water for half an hour prior to planting. Ensure that the planting pit is well-integrated with the wider soil with no smeared sides or other impediments to root exploration beyond the planting hole.

Lime-hating, ericaceous plants SylvaGrow Organic is not suitable for raising lime-hating, ericaceous plants in containers. For these we recommend SylvaGrow Ericaceous

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