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SylvaGrow® Farmyard

A rich source of organic matter for all soils, adding nutrients, improving fertility and yield, soil structure and workability, and enhancing water-holding capacity.


Product Description

SylvaGrow Farmyard is an excellent soil improver which provides gardeners with a 100% peat-free, rich source of organic matter for all soils, adding nutrients, improving fertility and yields, enhancing soil structure and workability and increasing water-holding capacity. SylvaGrow Farmyard is made from anaerobic digestate which is a by-product of renewable energy production. Ours is exclusively obtained from a partnership with the Duchy of Cornwall and local farmers near Dorchester, Dorset. Also contains up to 20% certified green compost for a further organic matter boost.

• RHS endorsed
• Audited by the Responsible Sourcing Scheme

SylvaGrow Farmyard works just like farmyard manure:

• Adds essential organic matter to soils.
• Adds slow-release nutrients, improving fertility and yields.
• Improves the soil structure and its workability.
• Enhances the water-holding capacity of the soil.
• Suppresses weeds.
• Suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden.
• Clean and easy to use.
• Contains no peat.
• Not suitable for acid-loving, ericaceous plants.

Available in 50 litre bags and 0.6m3 bulk bags

How To Use

As a mulch on borders, around trees, on vegetable plots and raised beds

Spread 5–8cms/2–3 inches of SylvaGrow Farmyard on the soil surface having first removed any weeds. It is very effective around established plants but avoid going right up to stems and trunks. Helps to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, gradually feeds the soil and will eventually be incorporated into the soil by earthworms and other soil fauna. The method is also useful for no-dig growing systems.

As a soil improver for borders, vegetable plots and raised beds

Spread between 5–8cms/2–3 inches of SylvaGrow Farmyard on the soil surface and then dig in to the top. 15–20cms/6–8 inches. This will enhance the soil organic matter levels, improve fertility, provide a slow-release source of nutrients, increase the soil water-holding capacity and if repeated seasonally, gradually improve the soil structure.

Planting Out

SylvaGrow Farmyard can be used as a planting medium for roses, shrubs, trees, herbaceous perennials and bedding plants in order to add valuable organic matter and nutrients. Simply blend at one part to four parts of the back-fill soil. Always ensure that the plant is watered to capacity before planting out and if necessary, immerse the roots in a bucket of water for half an hour prior to planting. Ensure that the planting pit is well-integrated with the wider soil with no smeared sides or other impediments to root exploration beyond the planting hole.

Lime-hating, ericaceous plants

SylvaGrow Farmyard is not suitable for use with lime-hating, ericaceous plants such as heathers, rhododendrons or azaleas. For these we recommend SylvaGrow Ericaceous.

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