SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes 50L

SylvaBark® Pine Bark Flakes

Supreme, professional-quality, highly-screened pine bark, ideal for mulching individual pots, containers and decorative

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Product Description

  • Supreme, chunky, professional quality, highly-screened bark
  • Nominal particle size 15-35mm
  • Use for pots, tubs, beds and borders
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Royal Horticultural Society endorsed (when sold in 50 litre packs)
  • Bag size 50 Litre
  • Also available in bulk bags and bulk loose
  • This product is from FSC MIX Sources at a minimum of 70%, FSC certificate number CU-COC-806457
How To Use

• Always wear gloves when gardening
• Ensure the pot, container or decorative border is weed free
• SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes should be applied after the pot or border has been planted
• The container compost or border soil should preferably be moist before the mulch is applied
• Carefully spread SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes directly onto the compost or soil surface, using
your hand, a garden fork or rake.

You do not need to install a geotextile membrane before the bark
is laid

• Over time, if bare patches appear, use a fork or rake to move in SylvaBark PineBark Flakes from the surrounding area.
• Should any weeds appear, they can usually be easily removed by hand
• If left undisturbed SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes should last at least four years before requiring
topping up


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