ProGrowers Potting Bark 60L

Potting Bark

A matured, British pine bark chip, mid to dark brown in colour, with virtually no fines, designed for incorporation into growing media, to improve both air-filled porosity and long term structural stability.

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Product Description

• An excellent pot mulch to suppress weed, moss and liverwort growth
• Virtually fine free, particles predominantly in the range 3-15 mm
• pH 5.0 – 6.0
• Very low nutrient level
• Long lasting and resilient
• Pest, disease and weed free
• Toxin free
• Approved by the Soil Association (SA)
• Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)*

As a pot mulch
• The natural durability and stability of pine bark make it the ideal growers’ bark
• Coarse enough to present a dry surface and allow free passage of irrigation
• Free-flowing, easily covering the entire surface of the pot with no gaps

• Evenly graded so ready to knit into a resilient, wind-resistant surface
• Resistant to shrinkage on drying so no gaps appear
• Very easy to apply either by hand or by machine, with minimal requirement for protective clothing and no formal training required
• Non-damaging to stock – non-phytotoxic and no restriction on protected crops
• Competitively priced against herbicide use and hand weeding
• Long lasting enough to maintain an attractive appearance until the time of despatch – a single application is all that is required

In growing media
• Promotes strong, active rooting
• Considerably reduces winter losses caused by water-logging
• Because virtually all fines have been removed, the entire product contributes substantially to improving air-filled porosity
• Can be used on all types of standing out area, including sand beds, gravel and capillary matting
• Suitable for ericaceous and non-ericaceous subjects due to low pH
• Allows complete flexibility of fertilizer additions due to low inherent nutrient content
• Imparts long-lasting stability to compost
• Ideal for use in direct sticking media
• Excellent as an additive to a wide range of peat alternatives

Available in 60 litre bags, maxi-bales, bulk bags and in loose bulk

This product is from FSC MIX Sources at a minimum of 70%, FSC certificate number CU-COC-806457

How To Use

Pot Mulching
• To suppress the incidence of moss, liverwort and weed growth, spread an even layer of Melcourt Potting Bark at a depth of 1-3 cms depending on pot size, on the clean surface of the compost, just after potting.
• This product can also be used to improve the appearance of retail trees and shrubs, when applied to the clean compost surface just prior to despatch.

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In Growing Media
• Melcourt Potting Bark should be incorporated at levels of between 20 and 40% by volume with either peat, or its alternatives. Generally the higher the percentage, the more open and free-draining the mix will be.
• Melcourt Potting Bark blends easily with other compost ingredients whether mixing is by hand or machine. It has very resilient structure, but as with all compost mixing, it is important not to over-mix, as this can easily break down the structure of peat and other ingredients.
• No additional fertilizer on top of normal additions is required, other than supplementary nitrogen in some cases.

Typical Crop Applications
Nursery stock, containerized trees, conifers, pot plants, pot bedding, herbaceous perennials, alpines, tubs and hanging baskets, interior landscaping, street planters etc.

Crop Management
The addition of Melcourt Potting Bark does not require any changes to the normal regime of crop management, although as the compost mix will have a more open texture, some users may find that they require slightly more watering.

Direct Sticking
Use up to 30% in a mix with peat or suitable alternative. No alterations to normal fertilizer additions or supplementary nitrogen are necessary

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* All values given in the Specifications table are typical. However, some variation may occur from time to time. Melcourt Industries Ltd reserves the right to alter the specification without notice, for the purpose of product improvement.

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