ProGrowers Orchid Bark Coarse 60L

Orchid Bark™ Coarse

A chunky, fine-free pine bark, designed for use in orchid composts where it provides extremely free drainage and long-term structural stability.

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Product Description

Produced from top quality pine bark
• Hard, bark chip particles predominantly between 15 and 35mm
• pH between 5.0 and 5.5
• Negligible available nutrient content
• Rich mid-brown in colour
• Entirely pest, disease and weed free
• Toxin free
• Approved by the Soil Association
• Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

• The natural durability and stability of pine make it an ideal bark for use in orchid composts
• Provides the compost with long-lasting structural strength
• Provides high and resilient air-filled porosity
• Prevents water logging in the lower layers of the pot
• Promotes vigorous healthy root growth

• Suitable for a wide range of orchids where free draining composts are required, eg Cattleyas, Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums and Paphiopedilums.
• Not suitable for the raising of orchids from seed, where Melcourt Propagating Bark should be used

This product is from FSC MIX Sources at a minimum of 70%, FSC certificate number CU-COC-806457

Available in 60 litre bags

How To Use

• Orchid Bark Coarse may be combined with a range of other materials to provide orchid composts with the desired degree of porosity.
• A typical mix would be 5 parts Orchid Bark Coarse to 1 part crushed charcoal to 2 parts medium perlite, but other ingredients such as coarse grit and fibrous coir can equally successfully be incorporated.  Lime should be added to raise the pH, typically at 2.5kg/m3, but the exact requirement will depend on the other ingredients in the mix.

Please contact Melcourt for more details.

For a smaller chip use Orchid Bark Medium.

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