Consistently-graded conifer fibre used to provide a natural, cost effective, temporary or permanent all weather walk surface. Particularly well suited as an all weather material for pedestrian surfaces on golf courses and also ideal for access paths, woodland walks, bridleways, trim and sports tracks.

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Product Description

• Natural beige colour, that mellows over time
• Free-flowing and easy to handle
• Produced from sustainably harvested British forests
• Free-draining and not adversely affected by frost
• Effective service life of 3 years plus
• Non-slip and comfortable to walk on, providing a safe all-weather surface
• Not picked up by spiked golf shoes, and subsequently deposited in the club house or on the greens
• Relatively harmless to grass cutting machinery
• Natural appearance that blends sympathetically into the surroundings
• Suitable for either temporary or permanent use
• Easy to lay and install, using simple tools and requiring little subsequent maintenance
• Successfully used on a wide range of golf courses, throughout the
UK for many years

Available in 60 litre bags, bulk bags and in loose bulk

How To Use

• Lay Melcourt Woodfibre to a finished depth of at least 100 mm allowing at least 20 % for settlement after 30 days
• Melcourt Woodfibre can be used on above or below ground level installations.

Use of a geotextile membrane can considerably extend the life of the product.

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