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Melcourt® Bag for Life

The Melcourt Bag for Life is a unique system of compost buying which allows the consumer to use the same packaging for their SylvaGrow purchases, over and over again. The bag only has to be used twice before less plastic has been consumed than with traditional plastic packaging.

Participating garden centres buy large maxi-bales of SylvaGrow from which the compost is transferred, 40 litres at a time.

RHS endorsed.

Product Description

The customer chooses a product and you fill the Bag For Life from the Maxi Bale. Customer pays for the growing media and a Bag For Life (if a first-time customer). Customer uses the product and returns to store to buy more product using the same Bag For Life.

Product for the refillable Bag For Life bags comes in a Maxi Bale. Each Maxi Bale contains 2500 litres, is spun-wrapped, labelled, and delivered on a recycled and recyclable one-way-trip pallet.

Buy a pack of 55 Bag For Life bags that you can sell to your customer to fill repeatedly with compost or mulch from the Maxi Bales. On their third refill, customers would be in plastic ‘credit’ – a contribution in kind to the environment

Bag for Life

Refillable Bags

Bag for lifePack of 55 Bags
Product Code8506

Melcourt Bag For Life Sales

For each sale you'll need to scan two barcodes. One for the refillable Bag For Life, and one from the list of Maxi Bales for the contents - unless the customer's brought the refillable Bag For Life back for a refill. If you're selling a refill, only scan the product contents Maxi Bale barcode.

Maxi Bales

SylvaGrow® Multi-Purpose

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code7223

SylvaGrow® With added John Innes

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code7235

SylvaGrow® Organic

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code7203

SylvaGrow® Tub & Basket

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code7237

SylvaGrow® Ericaceous

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code7236

Composted Fine Bark™

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code7549

Spruce Ornamental™

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code5044

Ornamental Bark Mulch™

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code5101

Pine Mini Chips

Maxi Bale Size2500
Product Code5043

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