Lawn Dressing 15L

Lawn Dressing

A fine, sand-based lawn dressing for domestic and utility lawns

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Product Description

• Free-flowing, easy to apply, virtually stone free and peat-free
• RHS endorsed (when sold in 15 litre bags)
• Improves drainage and aeration in the upper soil layer leading to more vigorous rooting
• Stimulates healthy grass growth reduces thatch
• Also use to smooth minor irregularities in the lawn surface

Available in 15 litre bags or 1 tonne bulk bags

How To Use

Melcourt Lawn Dressing is most effectively applied in dry conditions on dry lawns, after mowing and when the grass is actively growing.

General Lawn Application
• If spiking or tining to aerate or decompact the lawn, or scarifying to remove thatch, this is best done before application of Lawn Dressing
• Spread Lawn Dressing at a rate of 3 litres per square metre, giving a depth of around 3mm
• Using a rake and stiff brush, gently work the Lawn Dressing into the lawn and aeration holes
• Mow after a few days and lightly water in dry weather to reduce wear on mower blades

Smoothing an irregular lawn surface
• Lawn Dressing can be used to level out minor irregularities in lawns
• Spread as above and use a levelling lute or straightedge to produce a flat, even surface
• Avoid smothering large areas of grass. Several regular applications are usually more effective than a single, over-deep one. Blades of grass should still be easily visible after application.
• For larger bumps and hollows, use an edging iron or spade to cut an H-shaped incision. Roll the turf back, remove or add soil as necessary and then firmly replace the turf. Use Lawn Dressing to fill in any crevices between the turves. Water thoroughly.

• Worn or damaged areas can be improved by over-seeding in the spring or autumn
• Mow and if necessary decompact /aerate and scarify the lawn prior to reseeding
• On areas of bare soil use a spring-tined rake to roughen the soil surface to ensure good contact between the soil and the seed
• Spread the seed at the suppliers recommended rate (usually 15-25 grams per square metre)
• Lawn Dressing can either applied with the seed blended into it, or afterwards as a light covering
• Water the area if no rain falls within a couple of days
• Avoid disturbing the newly seeded area and raise the mowing height until the new seedlings are well-established

One 15 litre bag will treat 5m2 to the recommended 3mm depth

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