ProGrowers Ecobark Topper 60L

EcoBark® Topper

An attractive, dark-coloured mixed-conifer bark designed for pot mulching where it offers excellent resistance to disturbance and natural suppression of moss, liverwort and weed growth. FSC Certified® (FSC®) and Soil Association approved

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Product Description

  • Coarse enough to present a dry surface and allow free passage of irrigation
  • Free-flowing, easily covering the entire surface of the pot with no gaps
  • Evenly graded so ready to knit into a resilient, wind-resistant surface
  • Resistant to shrinkage on drying so no gaps appear
  • Very easy to apply either by hand or by machine, with minimal requirement for protective clothing and no formal training required
  • Non-damaging to stock – non-phytotoxic and no restriction on protected crops
  • Competitively priced against herbicide use and hand weeding
  • Long lasting enough to maintain an attractive appearance until the time of despatch – a single application is all that is required
How To Use

EcoBark Topper can be used as a 1 – 3 cm layer on the surface of pots to suppress the growth of moss, liverwort and weeds.

• EcoBark Topper can also be used to replace up to 70% of the peat in a conventional mix.
• It can also be used in conjunction with other peat alternatives
• EcoBark Topper blends easily with other ingredients whether mixed by machine or hand
• No additional lime or fertilizer is required over and above conventional amounts, other than supplementary nitrogen in some cases. 
• Melcourt’s technical staff will be happy to advise on the use of EcoBark Topper

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