Plastic not so fantastic: where we stand on the issue.

The environmental impact of throwaway plastic bags, packaging and other containers is increasingly plain to see in our cities, towns and villages and on every roadside verge. The less visible but no less toxic impact on marine life is visible to anyone who watches a river flow to the sea and is increasingly highlighted on TV news programmes and documentaries. Most people now say we should use less plastic, but where do Melcourt stand?

As a business in the gardening, landscape and horticultural industry we’re part of a sector that uses plastic for pots, packaging, in bulk bags and as protective hoods during transport. The fact is that plastic is an ideal material in which to present or transport bulky, often moist, material. Right now, it’s hard to imagine an alternative. What we can imagine though, and what we’re doing, is to actively explore ways of reducing the amount of virgin plastic we use and also to ensure that our bags are themselves recyclable. It is early days but we are determined to do what we can to limit the amount of virgin and unrecyclable plastic we use to an absolute minimum and, while we’re about it, to be equally vigilant about ensuring that other materials we use in our manufacturing and distribution processes are similarly recyclable. We’ll update you on progress from time to time.