Our new bagging line will be on stream very soon

We’re investing in the 2020 peat-free vision for British Gardeners. Since the launch of Melcourt SylvaGrow® five years ago we’ve seen a sustained increase in demand for good quality, peat-free gardening products. Garden Centres nationwide have realised that, with Melcourt, they can meet their customers need for consistently reliable growing medium and safeguard their margins.

There are only two years to go before the deadline for removing peat-based products from sale in garden centres and to meet demand and ensure we continue to give the levels of service we consider essential, we’ve made some key investments including a new form, fill, and seal bagging line and further improvements to the infrastructure of our Gloucestershire production plant.

In line with the rest of the growing media market we’ve made our pack sizes slightly smaller for safe lifting by customers and staff alike. The new pack sizes also remain more stable on the pallet during shipping and unloading.

The transfer of much of the bagging to a brand new form, fill, and seal process means our bags have a displayed side for greater point of sale impact for the very first time.