More from Vertical Veg Man, Mark Ridsill-Smith

We reported earlier in the year (see News June 2018) click here about Mark Ridsill-Smith’s mission to spread the word about the joys of urban container gardening and food production. He recently wrote:

I just wanted to drop you a line to report back on how we used your very generous donation of SylvaGrow compost this year. 

 We had a launch event (where people found out about us and sowed pea shoots in SylvaGrow) and then a series of five street meets, once a month. All the sessions were hosted, organised and run by volunteers for the first time. We had great attendances, with over thirty people attending some of the street events – and some very positive feedback. 

 I attach some photos of the launch event, the herb session, and one we did on vertical planters followed by a tour of local container gardens! 

 Thank you so much for your contribution – and for enabling us to give people high quality growing media at the sessions. I always think this is particularly important for people starting out to give them the best of chance of success.