Melcourt Sylvamix® – December Press Release

Melcourt Sylvamix® achieves two peat-free decades

One of UK horticulture’s leading peat-free brands reaches its third decade this year. Launched in 2001, the Melcourt Sylvamix Range of Professional peat-free Growing Media has been used by nurseries throughout the UK since that time and has proved itself to be reliable, consistent and very popular.

Few other peat-free brands can match the longevity and track record of Sylvamix. Melcourt’s Technical Director Catherine Dawson said ‘Sylvamix has been a stalwart growing medium all these years. It’s telling to note that when there hasn’t until very recently been a huge demand for peat-free plants from either garden centres or landscapers, Sylvamix users have nevertheless been able to produce cost-effective crops that have competed both in price and quality against peat-based equivalents.

We are very grateful to our many long-term customers who have repeatedly demonstrated that peat-free plant production from cuttings through to large containerised trees is not only possible but also that it is commercially competitive against peat-based production.’