Melcourt products rated on Responsible Sourcing Scheme website

The Responsible Sourcing Scheme for Growing Media is now launched. We’re proud to be among the first companies to share our scores on its new website at

The fully-audited scheme requires participating companies to score their products against the seven environmental and social criteria.

It also asks participants to carry out a detailed growing trial using tomatoes and petunias. This is to make sure that the products are not only responsibly sourced but also that they function well as growing media for gardeners.  Learn more about the scheme via our previous blog post.

This year we trialled four of our peat-free compost products. Happily, all have produced a very good performance compared to the peat-based control.

You can check out the scores on most of our products on the RSS website. We are still gathering data for a couple but these should be publicised very soon. Watch this space!


Petunias in peat-based control on the left and SylvaGrow with added John Innes on the right, six weeks after pricking out