Melcourt SylvaGrow® Multipurpose Peat-free Compost and SylvaGrow® with added John Innes are Gardening Which? recommended peat-free composts….yet again!

SylvaGrow® has been a consistently high-scoring compost in Gardening Which? trials since its launch, whilst SylvaGrow® with added John Innes is regularly among the top-scoring peat-free composts for sowing seeds and raising young plants in their annual trials.*

“There’s a commonly held but mistaken view that peat-free composts don’t produce the same results as peat-based products,” says Melcourt Technical Director Catherine Dawson. “These and other independent tests conducted over the years confirm that well-formulated peat-free products like SylvaGrow® can more than hold their own against any other growing media whilst being entirely sustainable – and with none of the negative environmental impacts of peat extraction.”

There are now four composts in the Melcourt SylvaGrow® range, part of the wider peat-free Garden & Landscape range from Melcourt:

• SylvaGrow® Original Multipurpose peat-free Compost
• SylvaGrow® with added John Innes
• SylvaGrow® Ericaceous
• SylvaGrow® Organic

All are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. SylvaGrow® Organic is, additionally, approved by the Soil Association who also approve the SylvaGrow® Peat-Free Planter for Organic growing launched this season.

“Our products are based on professional formulations used by growers throughout the UK,” says Melcourt Managing Director Andy Chalmers. “From a standing start our Garden & Landscape products are now stocked by over 250 garden centres and a further 250 trade outlets nationwide with sales increasing dramatically year-on-year. The future is peat-free and we feel that we are definitely leading the way.”

*See Gardening Which? April 2019

For further information on the Gardening Which? results contact Catherine Dawson on 07850 612976 (day) or Andy Chalmers on 07850 580449 (day)