Melcourt at the IPPS Growing Media Workshop

An audience of academics, growers, botanic gardens and National Trust for Scotland staff gathered at Oatridge College near Edinburgh last week for a growing media workshop organised by the IPPS.
Melcourt’s Technical Director Catherine Dawson guided the delegates through the intricacies of the materials that are now widely used to replace peat, as well as showing how effectively Melcourt’s market-leading growing medium for professional growers Sylvamix, performs on a wide range of commercial nursery sites. She also explained how the new Responsible Sourcing Scheme for growing media will work. Andrew Wilson of ICL gave an interesting, illustrated talk about fertilizer use.
Organiser Peter MacDonald, who is currently the president of IPPS Europe said, ‘I was delighted how well the event was received by a diverse audience from all over Scotland with also two growers travelling from Spain.’