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What should I do with used compost?

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As the garden starts to wind down a bit for winter, we are often left wondering what I should do with used compost. The compost may no longer be fit for use in tubs and baskets, but it still holds a lot of value in the garden. So when you’re turning out your containers and…

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How to prick out, pot up and plant out

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  Potting sheds, windowsills and greenhouses should be fit to burst with young plants. In this month’s garden blog, we show you how to prepare your seedlings for their next important steps… Pricking out Seeds sown close together in seed trays will compete for light and water and will require more spacious surroundings to stretch…

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Why Fresh Compost is Always Best

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This month, we explore what can happen if compost is stored incorrectly – and what to do with leftovers… Anyone who has read the small print on the back of our SylvaGrow bags will see that we recommend using the product within the season of purchase. This may seem a rather vague statement – how…

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