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What should I do with all this plastic?

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Compost is typically heavy, damp and usually stored outside at garden centres. So the packaging needs to be strong and resilient. At Melcourt we have been searching for alternatives to plastic but we and other manufacturers are yet to find anything that matches the efficiency of plastic.     We currently incorporate 30% of recycled…

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SylvaGrow bag recycling

Sustainable tips for your garden and allotment

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August’s National Allotment Week focussed on how allotments could contribute to a sustainable future. Here, we offer five ways you can save precious natural rescources on your plot   Save water Drier springs and hotter summers have meant it’s even more important to find a more sustainable way to preserve water. It’s estimated the average…

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Melcourt bag for life

Our eco-friendly initiatives

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At Melcourt we are very aware of environmental issues. Here we round up some of our latest eco-friendly initiatives   Having never dealt with peat, we have have been very involved with the debate about its use for nearly three decades. And we are very happy to have been able to take a leading role…

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Using our products in the garden