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SylvaGrown potato harvest

How to grow potatoes to harvest for Christmas

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  What could be nicer than enjoying your own freshly harvested potatoes at Christmas? With a little bit of care and attention this is perfectly possible in a SylvaGrow Planter! The principles of late-season potatoes are pretty similar to spring-planted ones. But it’s best to purchase seed potatoes that have been specially prepared for the…

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SylvaGrow tips for growing garden roses in containers

Top tips for growing roses in containers

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With rose season in full swing, Catherine Dawson shares advice for healthy, productive and peat-free garden roses Who can fail to be moved by the sight and scent of a beautiful rose in the June sunshine? Many roses give colour, scent and structural interest to the garden. You can buy containerized roses at all times…

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Peat-free Grower Profile: Harriet’s Plants

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  We’re proud so many professional gardeners and growers use our peat-free growing mediums for their plants and gardens. In the first of a series of grower profiles, we chat to Harriet Thompson, founder of Harriet’s Plants, about why she chooses to grow peat free   You may have heard of free-from food – but…

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Houseplant tips from SylvaGrow

Top tips for healthy houseplants

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Happy Houseplant Week! Our new technical manager Vicki Wright shows success with houseplants is down to a few simple indoor gardening strategies…   During the winter months, I reluctantly retreat from my garden – beaten back by the dark and ice. But it’s at this time of year, my houseplants begin to shine. Each plant…

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SylvaGrow christmas container

Festive ideas for Christmas containers

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Want to inject some colour into your garden or patio this festive season? Here’s our top tips for bright and beautiful winter containers… Although it might feel like the colour drains from the garden in winter – it’s easily replaced with bright pops of berries, foliage and flowers in Christmas containers and pots. Choose three…

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Sylvagrow tulip planting tips

Time for tulip planting!

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  November is perfect for planting tulips for flowering in the spring. Here’s our top bulb-planting tips…   Just when you think there’s nothing left to plant, along come tulips! From cups, goblets to fringed parrots; through snow white and stripes to shocking pink – tulips hide unseen for a quarter of the year, only…

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SylvaGrow Melcourt watering tips

How to water your garden containers

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We share our top tips for watering your peat-free garden containers this summer   Watering your garden containers should be a simple operation. But as any gardener knows, a surprising number of difficulties can be encountered. It’s useful to remember that rainfall, however strong, rarely is enough to effectively water containers. In other words, don’t…

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