Autumn mulching tips and products


We don’t just make beautiful peat-free composts. Our FSC-certified bark and mulch range offers a variety of ways to bring some TLC to your garden this autumn


Autumn or spring mulching is a great way to lock in a multitude of soil benefits. A mulch can help suppress weeds and encourage beneficial soil organisms. They can also deter some pests, and act as an insulating layer during frosty weather – substantially reducing the effects of ground freezing.

October is a good time to mulch your veg and flower beds – or containers – just as plants are beginning to die back. Make sure there is some moisture in the container or in the soil before applying.

Carefully spread directly onto the compost or soil surface, using your hand, a garden fork or rake. You do not need to install a membrane before the bark is laid. Keep a good gap between the plant stems and the mulch so plenty of air can circulate. Aim for at least 5cm of mulch and replace when the first layer has rotted down.


Melcourt Ornamental bark mulch


Our eight-strong mulching range

We have eight mulching products that can improve your garden over the winter. And our award-winning SylvaGrow Farmyard soil improver can also be used as an autumn mulch.

Our SylvaBark products are all formulated from natural, organic materials. And the bark-based ingredients within them hold Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, which promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests.


Melcourt mulch and bark range

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Three products we highly recommend


SylvaBark mini mulch

SylvaBark Pine Mini Mulch

This professional-quality, highly screened pine bark (above) is ideal for mulching individual pots, planters, and decorative borders. It’s also vegan friendly and Royal Horticultural Society endorsed.


SylvaBark Pine Flakes

SylvaBark Pine Bark Flakes

With a slightly chunkier particle size, up to 35mm, this top-quality bark (pictured above) is perfect for borders. It also looks lovely placed around the base of trees. Like all our barks, it is highly screened and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified. It is vegan-friendly and Royal Horticultural Society endorsed. Compared to Pine Mini Mulch, the larger particle size of Pine Bark Flakes makes them ideal for mulching larger containers and where the bark is required to make a real design statement.


SylvaGrow Farmyard

SylvaGrow Farmyard 

A rich source of 100% peat-free organic matter. Working just like a farmyard manure (but vegan friendly), this RHS-endorsed, award-winning soil conditioner (pictured above) adds nutrients and soil structure, improves fertility and yield, and enhances the soil’s water-holding capacity. It is made from anaerobic digestate which is a by-product of renewable energy production. Ours is exclusively obtained from a partnership with the Duchy of Cornwall and local farmers near Dorchester. It’s also fully approved by the Soil Association.