Another Which? Gardening Best Buy Award for SylvaGrow

Government strategy renews commitment to peat reduction in government 25 year environment plan.
Peat-free gardening is coming – and it will become the norm.

For a record sixth report in a row, a product from the SylvaGrow® range, has been awarded a Which? Gardening Best Buy, this time for seed sowing. No other brand can match this record.

As some of the UK’s finest professional growers have known for years, Melcourt peat-free products regularly out-perform peat-based products. How good that Which? Gardening trials have reiterated this, time after time. Put simply: our peat free composts not only produce crops which are at least as good as and often better than peat-based products but they are also made with entirely renewable raw materials.

The Melcourt SylvaGrow range of growing media now comprises

SylvaGrow® multipurpose compost

SylvaGrow® multipurpose compost with added John Innes

SylvaGrow® Ericaceous compost

SylvaGrow® Organic

SylvaGrow® Farmyard Manure (introduced for Spring 2018)

All of the products are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

“Demand for our products has increased to the extent that we have just invested £600k in a further bagging line and we also have plans to improve our production facility yet further later this year,” says Andy Chalmers, Melcourt Managing Director. “From a few garden centres stocking what was seen a niche product range, we now have a network of hundreds of stockists nationwide. Peat free gardening is no longer a fad, it is on a curve of dramatic growth – and it will become the norm.”